Pet Memorials & House Name-Plates

Memorials are not only used to commemorate the passing and resting place of humans. As pets play a bigger role as part of today's family, we receive many enquiries for memorials commemorating deceased pets and animals - from budgies and rabbits to dogs and horses. Pieces of off-cut material from larger stones are kept which enable us to supply customers with small memorials to their pets. These memorials can sometimes be as unique as the larger memorials. These smaller pieces of granite and slate can also be used for house nameplates and numbers. Customers are given a lot of freedom to design and chose the letter style for their house name.

Other Stone Products

We continually stock Kirkstone Green Slate, which can be cut, polished and turned into hearths, mantelpieces and worktops. We can also order a range of granites and marbles from our various suppliers.

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